Our olive grovens are cultivated on the antique dry-stone walls which characterize the landscape supporting the hill. Their regular structure is fundamental for the health of the olive trees, contributing on the production of a good quality  extra virgin olive oil.

Our property includes 2500 trees of different botanical variety: “Moraiolo”, “Frantoio” and “Leccino”, situated at an elevation of 400 meters.

The olive trees are cultivated with green manure and certified natural fertilizer; the wild grass around the trees, once it is cut, is left on the ground to increase the soil quality with organic substances and to restrict the loss of soil water.

For a better condition of the trees and for a constant production of olives, every year we prune our plants.

The harvest of olives starts in October when they begin to get ripened. This process is made with specific electrical tools and nets, then to avoid the oxidation they're brought immediately at the olive oil mill.

Olives are pressed at low temperature with a continuous cycle system, the extracted extra virgin olive oil is immediately filtered and put inside stainless still containers in inert gas atmosphere to mantain the taste and the smell of the freshly pressed oil.


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