In 2006 the olive oil “le Fontacce” has joined the “Extravergine del presidio”, the council of extra virgin, admission given by slow food for its organoleptic characteristics and environmental values.

Following the criteria of the project “extravergine del presidio” the olive growers, joining the italian extra virgin olive oil protection, must have autochthon plantations of olive groves, managed without the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemical herbicide.

For any treatment, only low environmental impact products are allowed, they guarantee no final residue on the product.

In case of slopes or complex terrains, the operations on the soil have to follow good agronomic practices to prevent erosions and landslides.

Since the prune and the harvest of olives from secular trees is much more expensive than other younger plants, to avoid the abandon of the oldest trees, the council requires that at least the 80% of the plants have a maximum age of 100 years.

Finally producers will have to provide themselves the “Narrante” label to illustrate and promote their own story and their own work in the territory.

Our “narrante” label.

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