The zolfino bean manifests the nobility and pride of its origins in the hills around the Seven Bridges Road and the valley floor, welcomed by the thin soil of the cliffs.

The Zolfino bean is so named for its pale yellow color as sulfur, it has a round shape and its texture is creamy and exceptionally tasty.

Traditionally it is sown the hundredth day of the year, also known as “Giorno del Cento”.

It is strictly conditioned by the climate and often produces a restricted harvest, infact its cultivation in the past was almost abandoned, preferring beans with a higher yeld.

Actually it is safe from the extintion and its seeding and harvest are protected by a producers association.

This bean doesn't require to be soaked, it can be cooked in a crock-pot or even better in a flask  for at least three hours.

Served with extra virgin olive oil, it is an irreplaceable combination to the satisfaction of the most refined palate.

From 201the zolfino bean becomes "Presidio Slow Food".

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