The cultivation of Iris, also known as “Giaggiolo” along the Seven Bridges Road on the slope of Pratomagno mountain is dated  back to the 19th century.

These cultivations have always been a fondamental element for the sustenance of local families.

Documents about the Iris cultivation dated 1800 say : …il ghiaggiuolo si coltiva in quei luoghi quasi dove non sia per fare e non farà altro…”

that means Iris is cultivated in places which seem done just for its cultivation.

The iris is planted in Autumn and the harvest begins three years later in the months of July and August. The part of the Iris which is used is the Root-stock which is sought-after from the perfum, the food and the herbal industries.

The plantation is mainly handcrafted.

After the harvest the root-stock is cleaned up from the roots and the peel, than is cut in slices and left to dry helped by the warm light of the sun.


“ …del Ghiaggiuolo decimando loro ben la radice, ma in modo che non si guasti o offenda il proprio ceppo, strappandole con mano e con ferro tagliente e queste, prima monde sottilmente dalla lor buccia, e tagliate in lunghe fette sottili, si seccano all’uggia rivoltandole, in su le tavole spesso…


The iris flowering begins in May representing one of the most impressive event of spring in the Arno Valley.

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