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The production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
from the Le Fontacce oil mill.
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Organic farm in Tuscany


An old farmhouse surrounded by olive trees, on one of the hills on the slopes of Mount Pratomagno. It can be reached by taking the Sette Ponti road, the ancient "Cassia Vetus", from which there is an enchanting view of the Arno river valley, facing the Chianti region, characterised by the presence of the prehistoric Balze.

Tradition and innovation

Organic for passion

The farm was established in 2008, on a farm that has existed since the beginning of the 1800s, and all its products are certified organic. We grow Olives, Legumes, Saffron and Irises, with a lot of passion and respect for our traditions.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A product of excellence

We work season after season to constantly improve our productions, paying the utmost attention to all phases of processing. The awards and recognitions that Olio delle Fontacce productions have won over the years show us that the road we are following to offer a quality extra virgin olive oil is the right one.