We cultivate olive groves (the Olivetum of the Latins) on the ancient dry stone walls that, one on top of the other, support the hill and characterise the surrounding landscape. Their uniqueness lies not only in the landscape but also in the function they perform:
by draining water, they maintain an ideal soil for the health of the olive tree, positively influencing the quality of the oil.
We manage about 2500 plants, mainly of the Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino varieties at an average altitude of 400 metres above sea level.
The olive trees are fed with green manure or certified manure, and the wild herbs growing around them are chopped up and left in the field to enrich the soil with organic substances and limit the loss of water from the soil.
In order to obtain a constant production and homogeneous ripening of the fruit, the olive trees are pruned every year. Thanks to this action, the plant is strengthened and the beautiful foliage is reinvigorated.
As soon as veraison begins, around mid-October, the olives are harvested using electric facilitators and nets and, to avoid oxidation, are taken to the mill within a few hours of harvesting.
The oil is pressed at a low temperature using a continuous cycle system. The extracted oil is immediately filtered and placed in stainless steel containers with an inert gas atmosphere to maintain its flavours and fragrances unchanged over time.