The Olivetum of the Latins, on ancient dry stone walls

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We manage about 2,500 trees, mainly Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino varieties at an average altitude of 400 metres above sea level.
We produce selected oils from these main varieties.

Nobility and the pride of one's origins

Zolfino Bean

The Fagiolo Zolfino is so called because of its pale yellow colour like sulphur, it has a round shape and its paste is creamy and exceptionally tasty. Traditionally, it is sown on the 100th day of the year, also known as the 'day of the hundred' by farmers.

Small Chickpea

Also known as the 'pink chickpea' because of its colour, it has a thin skin and an intense, pleasant flavour that makes it unique.

It is sown early, in March, and harvested in July, when its typical round pods are all dried out.

La spettacolare fioritura a maggio


The cultivation of Iris, or Giaggiolo, along the Sette Ponti road on the slopes of Mount Pratomagno, dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and has been a fundamental element of family sustenance for local farming families.
The rhizome of the iris is used and is much sought after by the perfume industry as well as the food and herbalist industries. Its cultivation is mainly artisanal.