Zolfino shows the nobility and pride of its origins between the hills around the Sette Ponti road and the valley floor, embraced by the fine soil of the Balze.
Fagiolo Zolfino is so called because of its pale yellow colour like sulphur, it has a round shape and its paste is creamy and exceptionally tasty.
Traditionally, it is sown on the 100th day of the year, also called ‘day of the hundred’ by farmers. It is very climatically dependent and often produces a very small crop, so much so that its cultivation was almost abandoned in preference to safer beans.
Now saved from extinction and rediscovered in its original seed, its sowing and harvesting are protected by an association of producers.
Zolfino does not need to be soaked; it would be preferable to cook it in an earthenware pot or, better still, in the flask, over the fire, simmering it for at least three hours.
Served with extra virgin olive oil, it is an irreplaceable combination for the satisfaction of the finest palate.